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Furthur to the above, all meetings that are held at Sheltered Blocks have been csncelled. Althought still listed they will not, due to Covid-19 rules be able to be held until regulatiobs about shielding vaunerable persons are eased. Please watch this site and look out for an announcement about restarting meetings on this site and in the information letter that you receive from HFTRA.

Stonegrove Gardens TRA

 Location :-                         Stanmore 


Roads Covered :-                Stonegrove Gardens


Tenants Representative:-  Tanya Lenane                   


Contact email:-               


Telephone No:-    07594 490 979


Meetings and Venues:-


There is curently no TRA on this estate due to the lack of residents prepared to take up the committee posts;  without these positions being filled a TRA cannot continue to function


Please contact Tanya or HFTRA if you and other residents are interested in joining the TRA so that the correct actions can be taken to get the association  up and running again


1st April 2019 



       Tanya Lenane,    Cipriua Muresan        Amanda Muresan               Paddy Lyne (HFTRA Chairman)   John Allwright (HFTRA Treasurer)


The meeting commenced at 7:00, Tanya welcomed those present were attending, as well as Paddy and John, and outlined the topics for discussion.




No apologies received although Maria tried to get Bill to come to the meeting but was unable to persuade him to come out as it was late for him.




Tanya stated that there were no minutes for the last meeting as only one tenant besides herself had turned up, so after an informal discussion about the Treasurer's duties the meeting had closed.


Chairman’s Report:    


Tanya talked about incidents that had occurred on the estate and threw open the meeting for others to air their problems.


Matters arising from Chairman’s Report:


            None were raised.


Estate problems


The tenants from Nos.58 & 66 reported that they were experiencing severe problems with the residents of several of the flats in their block. These ranged from playing music late into the night, drinking, and standing around outside the flats and shouting, which carried on late at night. She also reported that they were having sexual intercourse on the green in the middle of the estate, littering the grass with condoms. Maria went on to say that one of the problem tenants had been hammering and making other construction noises in the early morning.


People who attend these parties and visit the occupants of the flats usually arrive in two or three cars, parking then so badly that other tenants are unable to get access to park outside of their own flats, getting abused if the ask the car owners to move their vehicle.


Although they have reported the problems and submitted an incident book to Elizabeth Moody there has been no action taken by the council to get the occupants to comply with the council rules and cause no nuisance to the other tenants of the block. It was painted out that at least one of the families causing the nuisance has only been in the block for around six months, so is still in their probationary period.


These incidents have been reported to the police who did not attended at the time as they say that they had “too many calls” to attend the estate but said they would try to call the next day.


The tenants asked Paddy for names of people in the council that they could contact as they were not happy that they have not got any response from Elizabeth Moody, Paddy advised them to write to Elizabeth again, but to Copy in Steve Weston, and Karen Connell.


Paddy was asked if HFTRA could help, Paddy said that as the police were already involved over these incidents that it would be inappropriate for HFTRA to become actively involved, although they were always available to give advice on how to proceed.


Concerns were also raised about one of the families causing the trouble, who seem to be leaving their young child alone in the flat when going out for several hours, also stated that the child is for most of the time either in what looks like a bath robe or panamas.



Treasurers Report:


John did not report the current balance to the meeting but there is currently £382.19 in the notional account, plus £20.38 being held by Tanya as petty cash.


HFTRA Meeting


          Paddy gave a brief report on the last meeting that HFTRA had held, and reminded everyone that the next meeting on the 21st  May in committee room 5 starting at 7:00pm. This meeting is the HFTRA AGM.


Any Other Business:


Tanya raised concerns about a caravan parked in the car park which is being used as additional bedrooms by one of the estates residents; this family seems to have a large number of people actually sleeping in the house as well as those sleeping in the caravan. Tanta also stated that the floodlight in the carpark seemed to be operating at a low level rather than its full brightness, and had informed Steve the caretaker of this..


Tanya also expressed concern that A van being used by one of Harrow’s contractors (Wates) had been parked so badly that an occupant of one of the flats could not get out, when asked to move the driver refused to move the vehicle, and was rude to the person who asked him to move. He only did so when he himself found that he was also blocked by one of the other tenants who had had to park obstructing him, as they could not get access to the parking bay they usually occupy.


Tanya said that the security camera that she had installed to protect her house had detected three separate instances of people sneaking into the car park and dumping their household rubbish into the bins situated there.


The Meeting Closed at 8:45pm

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